JOHN GLUCKOW "Trailblazer" The Forester's Cap モス [JG31755]

JOHN GLUCKOW "Trailblazer" The Forester's Cap モス [JG31755]

販売価格: 9,800円(税別)

(税込: 10,780円)




The Forester's Cap isn't your average cap. The unique shape and body immediately distinguish it from anything else
you will see. The shape dates to the turn of the century (1900). The rounded crown that we know today for "ball
caps" hadn't been born yet. Even baseball caps had a flat top similar to this. But outdoorsman wore caps like these,
with the double body that can slide down when the wind suddenly decides to whip up and put a chill on things. Or
when you reach the peak on a hike and realize it's a bit cooler at the top. It's that kinda cap....


サイズ "M" 周囲 約58.5cm

サイズ "M" 周囲 約60cm

サイズ "L" 周囲 約61.5cm

サイズ "M" 周囲 約57cm

サイズ "M" 周囲 約58.5cm

サイズ "L" 周囲 約60cm

* 周囲は、帽子の外側部分を測ったサイズとなります。

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